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PET heat shrink tubing with utral thin wall and high strength

PET heat shrink tubing is widely used in medical devices such as vascular intervention, structural heart disease, tumors, electrophysiology, digestion, respiration, and urology due to its excellent properties in the areas of insulation, protection, stiffness, sealing, fixation, and strain relief. PET heat shrink tubing is developed by AccuPath® to have an ultra-thin wall and high heat shrink ratio, making it an ideal polymer material for the design of medical devices and manufacturing technology. This tubing features excellent electrical insulation performance to improve the electrical safety performance of medical devices. Fast delivery is available to shorten the medical device research and development cycle. This is the preferred raw material for high-end medical device manufacturing. What’s more, Accupath® offers a range of in-stock heat shrink tubing sizes, colors,and shrink ratio, with custom solutions available to meet your specifications.

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Product Detail

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Key Features

Ultrathin wall, super tensile

Lower shrinkage temperature

Smooth inner and outer surfaces

High radial shrinkage

Excellent biocompatibility

Excellent dielectric strength


PET heat shrink tubing is used for a wide range of medical device applications and as a manufacturing aid, including:
● Laser welding.
● Braid or coil termination.
● Tube tipping.
● Reflow soldering.
● Silicone balloon clamping.
● Catheter or guide wire.
● Printing, marking.

Data Sheet

  Unit Typical Value
Technical Data  
Inner Diameter mm (inches) 0.2~8.5 (0.008~0.335)
Wall Thickness mm (inches) 0.005~0.200 (0.0002-0.008)
Length mm (inches) ≤2100 (82.7)
Color   Clear, Black, White, and Customized
Shrink Ratio   1.15:1, 1.5:1, 2:1
Shrink Temperature ℃ (°F) 90~240 (194~464)
Melting Point ℃ (°F) 247±2 (476.6±3.6)
Tensile Strength PSI ≥30000PSI
Biocompatibility   Meets ISO 10993 and USP Class VI requirements
Sterilization Method   Ethylene oxide, gamma rays, electron beam
Environmental Protection   RoHS Compliant

Quality Assurance

● ISO13485 quality management system.
● 10,000 class clean room.
● Equipped with advanced equipment to ensure that product quality meets the requirements for medical device applications.

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