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PTFE Coated Hypotube with Comprehensive Processing Capability

Specializing in Minimally Invasive Access & Delivery devices, for example, PCI treatment, neurological intervention, sinus intervention, and other surgeries. AccuPath® is committed to providing the full spectrum of service to our customers. We independently design, develop, and produce high-precision Hypotubes, including processing capabilities such as cutting, PTFE coating, cleaning, and laser processing. And we can customize it according to customer needs.

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Key Features

Safety (Comply with ISO10993 biocompatibility requirements, comply with the EU ROHS directive, and comply with the US USP Class VII standard)

Pushability, Traceability and kink (Excellent performance of metal pipes and wires)

Smoothly (Customize the friction coefficient according to customer needs)

Stable supply chain: With full process independent research and development, design, and production processing technology, short delivery time, customizable

Independent injection molding platform: It has a special Luer taper design, development and injection molding platform, which can provide customized design and customization according to different designs and needs of customers

CNAS accredited testing center: With testing capabilities such as physical and mechanical performance testing, chemical performance testing, microbiological testing, material analysis testing, etc., it can quickly respond to customer needs


PTFE coated hypotube is used for a wide range of medical device applications and as a manufacturing aid, including:
● PCI treatment surgery.
● Sinus surgery.
● neurointerventional surgery.
● Peripheral Interventional Surgery.

Data Sheet

  Unit Typical Value
Technical Data
Material / 304 SS, Nitinol
OD. mm (inch) 0.3~1.20mm (0.0118-0.0472in)
Tube wall thickness mm (inch) 0.05~0.18mm
Dimensional tolerance mm ±0.006mm
Color / Black, Blue, Green, Yellow, purple,ect.
Coated thickness (one side)
Mm (inch)
4~10um (0.00016~0.0004in)
Biocompatibility   Meets ISO 10993 and USP Class VI requirements
Environmental Protection   RoHS Compliant
Safety (Reach Test)
Safety   PFAS Free

Quality Assurance

● ISO13485 quality management system.
● 10,000 class clean room.

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