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Polyimide(PI) Tubing with torque transmission and column strength

Polyimide is a polymer thermoset plastic that has exceptional thermal stability, chemical resistance, and tensile strength. These characteristics make polyimide an ideal material for high-performance medical applications. The tubing is lightweight, flexible, and resistant to heat and chemical interaction. It is widely used in medical devices such as cardiovascular catheters, urological retrieval devices, neurovascular applications, balloon angioplasty & stent delivery systems, intravascular drug delivery, etc. AccuPath®‘s unique process also allows tubing with thinner walls and smaller outer diameters (OD) (walls as low as 0.0006 inches and OD as low as 0.086 inches) to be manufactured with greater dimensional stability than tubing manufactured by extrusion. In addition, AccuPath®‘s Polyimide (PI) tubing, PI/PTFE composite tubing, black PI tubing, black PI tubing, and braid-reinforced PI tubing can be customized according to drawings to meet different requirements.

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Product Detail

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Key Features

Very thin wall thickness

Outstanding electrical insulation properties

Torque transmission

Ability to withstand very high temperatures

USP Class VI Compliance

Ultra-smooth surface & transparency

Flexibility & kink resistance

Superior pushability & tractability

Column strength


Polyimide tubing is a key component of many high-tech products due to its unique properties and wide range of applications.
● Cardiovascular catheters.
● Urological retrieval devices.
● Neurovascular applications.
● Balloon angioplasty & stent delivery systems.
● Intravascular drug delivery.
● Suction lumen for atherectomy devices.

Data Sheet

  Unit Typical Value
Technical Data
Inner Diameter mm (inches) 0.1~2.2 (0.0004~0.086)
Wall Thickness mm (inches) 0.015~0.20(0.0006-0.079)
Length mm (inches) ≤2500 (98.4)
Color   Amber, Black, Green and Yellow
Tensile Strength PSI ≥20000
Elongation @ Break:   ≥30%
Melting Point ℃ (°F)  Nonexistent
Tensile Strength PSI ≥30000PSI
Biocompatibility   Meets ISO 10993 and USP Class VI requirements
Environmental Protection   RoHS Compliant

Quality Assurance

● We use ISO 13485 quality management system as a guide to continuously optimize and improve our product manufacturing processes and services.
● Equipped with advanced equipment to ensure that product quality meets the requirements for medical device applications.

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