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Metal medical components with nitinol stents & detachable coils delivery system

At AccuPath®, we specialize in the fabrication of metal components, which mainly include nitinol stents, 304&316L stents, coil delivery system and catheter components. We utilize advanced technologies such as femtosecond laser cutting, laser welding and various surface finishing technologies to cut complex geometries for devices ranging from heart valve frames to highly flexible and fragile neuro devices. We use laser welding, certified adhesives, soldering and crimping to join components. Our production processes incorporate rigorous inspections to ensure each product meets superior quality standards. When needed, our facilities offer production and packaging services within ISO-certified manufacturing clean rooms.

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Product Detail

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Key Features

Rapid Response Prototyping

Laser Technology

Surface Finishing Technology

Parylene & PTFE Coating Technology

Centerless Profile Grinding

Heat Shrinking


Test Lab Services


● Coronary and neuro stents.
● Heart valve frames.
● Peripheral arterial stents.
● Endovascular aneurysm components.
● Delivery system and catheter component&.
● Gastroenterology stents.

Data Sheet

Stents & Nitinol Components

Material Nitinol/ Stainless steel/ Co-Cr /…
Dimension Strut width accuracy: ±0.003mm
Heat Treatment Black/blue/light blue oxide treatment for nitinol components
Vacuum treatment for stainless steel & Co-Cr stents
Surface Finishing ● Microblasting /chemical etching and polishing/ Mechanical polishing
● Both internal surface and external surface can be electropolished

Delivery system

Material Nitinol/ Stainless steel
Laser Cutting Femtosecond  OD≥0.2mm
Grinding Multi-tapered grinds, long taper grinds for tubing and wires
Welding Laser welding/Soldering/Plasma welding
Various combination of wires/tubing/coils
Coatings PTFE/Parylene

Technical Capacity

Laser welding
● Automated laser welding for medical devices and components, the minimum diameter of the smallest spot can reach up to 0.0030".
● Welding of dissimilar metals.
Laser cutting
● Contactless processing, minimum cutting slit width: 0.001".
● Processing of irregular structures, repetition accuracy can reach up to ±0.0001".
Heat treatment
● Precise heat-treatment temperature and shape control ensure the phase transition temperature required by the product, thereby meeting the functional requirements of nickel-titanium implantable medical devices.
Electrochemical polishing
● Contactless polishing.
● Roughness of internal and external surfaces: Ra≤0.05μm, superior over the industry average by 0.2μm.

Quality Assurance

● ISO13485 quality management system.
● Equipped with advanced equipment to ensure that product quality meets the requirements for medical device applications.

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