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Nickel-Titanium Tubing with Superelasticity and High Precision

Nickel-titanium tubing, with its unique properties and wide range of applications, is driving innovation and development of medical device technology. The AccuPath® nickel-titanium tubing can meet the design requirements of large angle deformation and alien fixed release, thanks to the hyperelasticity and shape memory effect. Its constant tension and resistance to kink reduce the risk of fracture, bending or injury to the human body. Secondly, Nickel-titanium tubing have excellent biocompatibility and can be safely used in humans, whether for short-term use or long-term implants. AccuPath® can customize tubing of different sizes and shapes to meet the needs of different application scenarios.

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Product Detail

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Key Features

Dimension Accuracy: Accuracy ± 10% wall thickness, 360 ° dead-angle detection

Internal & External Surfaces: Ra ≤ 0.1 μm, abrasive, acid wash, oxidation, etc.

Performance Customization: Familiarity with the practical application of medical devices can customize performance


Nickel-Titanium tubing is a key component of many medical devices due to its unique properties and wide range of applications.
● Retriever Stents.
● OCT Catheters.
● IVUS Catheters.
● Mapping Catheters.
● Push Rods.
● Ablation Catheters.
● Puncture needles.

Data Sheet

  Unit Typical Value
Technical Data
Outer Diameter mm (inch) 0.25-0.51 (0.005-0.020)
0.51-1.50 (0.020-0.059)
1.5-3.0 (0.059-0.118)
3.0-5.0 (0.118-0.197)
5.0-8.0 (0.197-0.315)
Wall Thickness mm (inch) 0.040-0125 (0.0016-0.0500)
0.05-0.30 (0.0020-0.0118)
0.08-0.80 (0.0031-0.0315)
0.08-1.20 (0.0031-0.0472)
0.12-2.00 (0.0047-0.0787)
Length mm (inch) 1-2000 (0.04-78.7)
AF* -30-30
Outer surface condition   Oxidized: Ra≤0.1
Ground: Ra≤0.1
Sandblasted: Ra≤0.7
Inner surface condition   Clean: Ra≤0.80
Oxidized: Ra≤0.80
Ground: Ra≤0.05
Mechanical property
Tensile Strength Mpa ≥1000
Elongation % ≥10
3% upper plateau Mpa ≥380
6% residual deformation % ≤0.3

Quality Assurance

● We use ISO 13485 quality management system as a guide to continuously optimize and improve our product manufacturing processes and services.
● Equipped with advanced equipment to ensure that product quality meets the requirements for medical device applications.

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